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[GCKR] Champion Mode Revamp and new Boss Pets and a Secret Pet: Pierret Jr. (UPDATED)

 So Grand Chase Korea Just Posted the new update that will be implemented on their next patch.. well be sure to give you an update about this.. its new boss pets and theyre cute!!!


2012. 03. 29

Coming soon in Korea's Next patch. is the Revamp and innovation of the Champion Mode.
KoG says that There will be a New Concept or System in the Champion Mode that they have been waiting for the right time for that concept to be released... and Finally that concept will be released on 2012.03.29
They call it the "Equipping System" or "Mount" where you will be able to put stuff or equip something... KoG didnt tell much further about the concept... but they Stated the concept so that it serve as a Teaser... and definitely something to wait for.

[Top Secret Pet] Periett Jr.

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