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[GCKR] Boss Pets Guides and patch Notes

Hello There!. KGC's Maintenance has ended and They Punched the Korean Players with Massive Updates. and Events Today!. Starting with the New Champion Mode

This is the Boss Pets map. 

You can Acquire the Boss Pets in their Own Event duration and will be Hunted on their Respective Continents

1st Stop: 03.29 Victor Jr. Acquired in Silver Land Continent Champion Mode
2nd Stop: 04.05 Dark Anmon Jr. Acquired in Ellia Continent Champion Mode
3rd Stop: 04.12 Astaroth Jr. Acquired in Xenia Continent Champion Mode
4th Stop: 04.19 AronJr. & Kungji Leader Jr. Acquired in Archaemedia & Atum  Continent Champion Mode

New Poop Necklace for the April Fools Day Event

Poop Necklace Effects

Boss Pet Mission Scrolls

Sieghart - Periett Mission Scroll

Acquire Periett Stone Fragments and Complete the Mission to Acquire Seighart Periett Pet.
(Unreleased yet)
If you can notice in the Picture... It is Really Seighart Wearing a Periett Costume.. haha And hes Gonna be a Pet!

Patch Notes:

[Well Try to translate as many as we can. but at least just the important ones]

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