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[BGC] Leviathan Patch/Other events~

Period: up to 13/03

Emblem of the Leviathan

During the period, to start matches in Mission Mode, you'll see the emblem of Leviathan announcing the arrival of the new class of Dio. In Grade 3, you have to choose to focus their Talent Tree between the abilities of Arsenal Demon or Evil Force. Moreover, for the first time may command the demonic orbs that will give bonuses to certain skills during their battles.

Bonus EXP

During the period, while playing with Dio in Mission Mode or in PvP, you will receive a 20% bonus EXP.

Special Packages Dio and of the Leviathan

To celebrate the new class, who has not can purchase Dio Dio Complete Kit during the period. In this kit you will receive discount the three classes of missions CASH Dio (Profane, Longships and Leviathan).

In addition, you can also purchase the pieces of Visual Package of Leviathan.

Get your CASH in our Online Store and ensure all classes of Dio who are still missing for you, beyond the angry look of Leviathan! Have fun evolving your Asmodiano!

That's right! Taking advantage of a makeover of the System of Fortification of Colares, you can check the new face of the magician Elena strengthening the new release for your characters! The Black Dragon Necklace: Red Aura, is now available in the Lodge, and this surely you will want to refine to +9!

Necklace of Black Dragon: Red Aura

attack +30
Refinement with +9 Attack: 190
Price: 400 CASH

The Black Dragon Necklace: Red Aura works like other magic necklaces of the game. Thus, according to their level of fortification it improves the character's attack bonus and still provides incredible visual effects for your skills. But when you reach your maximum refinement, it offers an even higher attack bonus than the other necklaces normal.

And you can still enjoy this release to attend the VIP system, ensuring that one version of this necklace with Blue Aura!

Get your CASH in our Online Store and make sure the new necklace for your favorite characters!

Also there is the Jigsaw puzzle and the prizes are Mary Jane and Thanny Boy Jr. Scroll.

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