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Dancer Muse Siren Sistine Skill Tree
Amy Aruha

Age14 Years Old
WeaponsChakram, Beyer, Cleo / Cleophone, Pandora
DislikesTraditional Mask dance and Things that have Cost
NationalityHuman, Xenia Continent, Silver Land

Name: Amy Aruha
Age: 14 Years old
Main Weapon: Chakram
Likes: Dancing
Dislikes: Traditional mask Dance, and Things that have cost
Nationality: Xenia Continent, Silver Land


She was an oracle of the Silver Land. But she joined the Silver Knights who fights against the Gods who were controlled by the Evil Forces after God's Great War.

Due to her Lovely Personality and excellent Dancing Skills, She became and idol Star of Silver Knights. She has the role of Comforting the Knights to make them feel comfortable and have a lot of energy.

But Silver Knights have fallen because of the Attacks of the Evil Forces, some survivors separated. She left for a Dangerous Journey alone to persaude Gods that are controlled by the Evil Force and She met the Grand Chase Expedition who released the God of Originsand joined the journey at the Xenia Continent.


Egoist (Hates to lose)

She is Bright and Charming and can knock anyone with a simple and cute smile, She is very cruel and so selfish that she even throws away her companions when in danger, in order to save herself

Dancer Muse Siren Sistine
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