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[AdventZ] Subscribe to us by Syndicating! (Tutorial)

Hello Guys...  Here's a Simple Tutorial for all Facebook ang Twitter Users to Subscribe by Syndicating to Our blog... So that everytime there is a New Post here in Our Blog... You are the First to know. and the firsts to share the contents to your friends...
Subscribing is easy!. with 5 simple steps.

to start just make sure your logged in to your facebook account and Start by clicking below on the start button:


Step 1:  

Once you clicked on the Start Button it will take you to this page below:

Step 2:

 Login or Link your facebook account and allow access by clicking "okay"

Step 3:

  Make sure your on the "Syndication" tab, the blog you are syndicating is "AdventZ - Gaming" and click on "Add Facebook Target"

Step 4: 

Just click on "Add" on the profile and pages that you want to automatically get updates to.

Step 5:

 Just confirm that the targets are added so that you can get posts automatically from us.

Once your done, just sit back and relax as we provide you automatically fresh updates on your favorite games directly in your own facebook wall.

Thank you for Subscribing!

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