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[GCPH] Luxus 3rd Job – Executor

Luxus 3rd Job – Executor

Duration: February 28

• The Executor Mission [Cash] and [GP] are now available in the Shop.
• Executor will only be available starting at level 40.

Executor Emblem Event
Duration: February 28 – March 6 (before maintenance)

• Executor Emblem will appear during dungeon run and PVP giving +5% in attack, defense, and vitality.

Relay Dungeon
Duration: February 28 – March 13 (before maintenance)

• A relay dungeon will be marked in Bermesiah, Silver Land, Ellia and Xenia Continent
• Each stage of a relay dungeon resides each boss monster of the continent it is located.
• Collect Relay Medal that can be crafted to Goodie Bag.

Random drops by Boss Monsters

Goodie Bag Random Items

Rainbow Weekend Event
Duration: March 3 – March 4

• On a given time each day, all Rainbow 7 modes will be activated.

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