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[GCKR] Preparation Events for Dio's 3rd Job!

Hello Everybody!!... Its me again CharmSprite and Just as of today or some time before... Dio's Teaser Event List is Released in Grand Chase Korea.... What will Dio's 3rd job???.. is it true that he has a bow-like some kind of weapon?... which is this?

and a Colored one over here... I dont know if this is true... but looks pretty convincing to me... Since in the Teaser Dio's hair is also long... I dont know... so You be the judge...

And this is the Event page of Dio's 3rd job... and aldo a Teaser for us. because we are being teased by it.. mocking us at the Greatness of dio...

To be Translated later

[Click the Image to see its original Size]

and Dio Event patch notes from Grand Chase the world site.

Mission Train

New system "Hell Mode"

Update Visual Shop, new package

Female Package

Male Package

Headphones (lol)


Credits: Rimoto - GCTW

I know, I know... Im getting new from other websites now... but its only for temporary becuase im just busy developing the other branches of adventz Networks of blogs so i hope you understand ehhhheheh... chow people...  Soon... we will be back in getting Our priced posts to give you everything our way...

This is CharmSprite Signing OFF!!

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