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[GCKR] Dio's 3rd Job: Leviathan!! (Updated)

Hello Every Body.. so dio's 3rd job has finally been released... and its name is Leviathan... So many talk about it because he has a peculiar name for his 3rd job... considering Leviathans are monsters of the sea... but oh well... looks pretty good to me.. what do you think??

Levaithan Teaser by youtuber ZeroxZagna

Leviathan Wallpaper

Leviathan Event page

Leviathan Render for your Editing needs...

Credits to GCTW website

And Some from GCTW.

Limited Package Release


Kit Class

icons of Skills

Screen Tutorial Practice

Concepts of the New Combat System of Dio


New test and currency

Event of friends

[Click the Images to see its Full Size]

Credits to their owners... ehhehehe. the Render is from me ^^v

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