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[AdventZ] A Brief Introduction to web design v 0.1

Hello, so welcome to our new website... For some Followers, it is the new GCTrinity Website, and for some the New AdventZ: Ultimate Online Gaming Blog.

First Let me introduce myself. You can address me as xXxFuryxXx in Grand Chase, MoonSprite in Dragon Nest, and CharmSprite in Blade and Soul... I also have a Facebook Account... You can Find me @ bubblegummygoodness@yahoo.com and/ or for me as

이스티펜(Stephen CharmSprite)

But i would prefer you to call me as CharmSprite here in the Website... I am also the Mastermind of on the whole AdventZ Network of Blogs, so all you haters out there that will message me a threat in Facebook (even though I haven't recieved any... yet!) better think twice and be resourceful... you dont know what a blogger man can do. Also I am the one in charge of everything here... and the Author of Korea, Brazil, Philippines in Grand Chase, Korea and SEA in Dragon Nest, and Korea in Blade and Soul.

So now that im finished introducing myself. I will give you a brief introduction to the newly-opened AdventZ' Network of Blogs.

What is AdventZ?

-AdventZ is an online gaming blog that hosts updates on selected online games starting with Grand Chase, Dragon Nest and Blade and Soul and we hope that it will be improved and well host more games in the future. Before, we are the GCTrinity that hosts only Grand Chase, but we have improved so here we are now. People Follow us because we give them the juiciest updates they need. As a brief explanation on what we do, we combine every single detail of updates and infos tere is in the internet about a particular topic and combine them all in one roof, so you dont have to search for different infos individually... we will search it FOR YOU.

Lastly, a Brief introduction to the new Design v 0.1. Since the website is new, the version is also new, we changed templates every now and then. It is a Design with a Dark Background with a Simple splash of light and a hint of orange, but also has a more-likely Grand Chasey theme or for other blogs the concept they want (of course! meaning not grand chase). It is a template that is extremely fast to load even you have a slow connection. we chose this template so that other fans having trouble with connection that can't load other sites will and can load ours "Conveniently" and without a sweat. We also put up a "Featured Slider" to display the most anticipated posts in the blog, "Highlights" to feature the most "useful" posts in the blog, and the "Popular Posts" to feature and recommend you to the posts others are talking about the most.

Also, we are looking for Authors in each blog, All Servers are Available and "Everyone is FREE to Apply."

So I think that's it! Feel free to explore more contents in our new website and be sure to check in for updates everyday so that you will never get out of date.

this is "CharmSprite" Signing OFF.

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