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AdventZ Fan Page: Code of Conduct

Do's and Don'ts. 

1: Post only contents that are related to AdventZ theme: -these include:
1.1- Online games
1.2- Rated "G" to "PG" Movies (Features)
1.3- Cartoons & Animated Series (Features)
1.4- Games esp. when new.

2: Post only contents that are "new"!
2.1- we prefer new, but you can still post old stuff, just don't prioritize old ones more than new ones.

3: Always include your "codename" when posting a content or posting a comment.

4: Post only contents from AdventZ blogs and websites that are supported by "AdventZ"

5: Don't post personal stuff -there include:
5.1- Opting personal/private information of yourself/other people/AdventZ employees (exceptions are: famous celebrities)

6: Don't post inappropriate stuff -these include:
6.1- posting things that are inappropriate to be seen or read by other people.
6.2- posting things that must not be known or publicized
(examples are:
-posting your personal status in the page, in order to get more feedbacks for personal purposes.
-posting what you're doing that seems that nobody should case about )
6.3- posting things that promotes racial/ethnical hatred.

7: Don't post pornographic content -these include:
7.1-direct pornographic pictures
7.2- using malicious words
7.3- hidden or masked pornographic meaning
7.4- posting links to porn sites

8: Don't post defamatory content -these include:
8.1- posting defamatory content of any kind
8.2- posting things that promotes hatred over a person or group
8.3- posting things that promotes racial/ethnical hatred

9: Don't spam -these include:
9.1- posting things that exceeds 2 posts of the same topic especially when important contents are being blocked by the spam.

10: Dot post illegal information - these include:
10.1- posting links or direct information to/from sites that promotes usage of illegal stuff (drugs, etc. . . ) 10.2- Never post external link to websites that are not supported by AdventZ

Suggestions are welcome!
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