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Sword Master - Gary's Version

Weapon: Giant Sword
Obtained: 3rd Job Change (Quest Required)
Level Obtained: 30
  • "Are you feeling scared yet?"

Sword Master Characteristics

Sword masters are experts of swordplay. This style of fighting was developed by a Bermesiahn mercenary. Contrary to the name, Sword Masters aren’t limited to the use of swords, they can wield a wide variety of weapons; greatly expanding the number of strategies available to them. The king or queen of a country grants the honorable title of Sword Master to a limited number of people as a reward for completing certain missions and contributing greatly to their respective countries. Elesis’s grandfather, Sieghart, was once a Sword Master (Which is Prime Knight).
Elesis uses a heavy, thick, two-handed sword to inflict devastating blows on her enemies. She has the experience and confidence necessary to be a flawless swordsman by the time she acquires the rank of Sword Master; which will further improve her formidable fighting abilities.

Sword Master Skills


Sword Master has many qualities of her first class, Knight, but with stronger attacks and wider range. This new strength comes at a cost with reduced running speed and a slightly slower attack speed.
Sword Master's combo can be initialized without hitting an enemy for the first two hits and a Critical attack, the third comes after the second one makes contact.
Sword Master has three Air attacks possible.
  • Basic Air attack: The Sword Master slashes in front of her, similarly to Knight's aerial attack, but with the extended range of a Great Sword.
  • Up Air attack: The Sword Master swings her sword above her, knocking enemies hit with this attack down.
  • Down Air attack: Sword Master falls down at an alarming rate, holding her sword down from her as she falls, slamming the ground with intense force and causing high damage.
Sword Master's Critical attack can knock enemies into the air, and her Double Attack makes her hold her sword out from her while she spins around.
  • Air grabs are possible with her Critical attack.
The Sword Master has a 4-hit combo with a 1-hit Critical attack, and a 2-hit Double Attack.

Sword Master Mission


MP Skills

Lv.1 Skill - Power Break
Sword Master’s 1st grade attack in which the user fiercely swings a sword to greatly damage a target. Its brief downtime as a 1st grade attack allows some time for the user to quickly react according to his situation. Power Break is also effective when a target is off-guard.
  • Power Break is one quick strike, which knocks over targets.
  • Invincible Frames are extremely short.
Lv.2 Skill - Blade Beam
Sword Master’s 2nd grade attack is an advanced version of Sword Fire, the Knight’s 2nd grade level attack. Shoots powerful sword spheres to the front and rear of the character to strike multiple targets.
  • Blade Beam shoots 2 beams. The front wave has the range and is as powerful as Sword Fire, while the smaller one is weaker, but is meant to punish those who try to attack the user from behind.
Lv.3 Skill - Dragon Dive
Sword Master’s 3rd grade attack that is an advanced version of Critical X, the Knight’s 3rd grade attack. Attacks a target during a jump, and then delivers a downward blow to the target on the way down.
  • Dragon Dive is basically a different form of Critical X. Difference is that Dragon Dive is slightly stronger and does a few more hits than Critical X.
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