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Spearman - Gary's Version

Weapon: Spear
Obtained: 2nd Job Change (Quest Required)
Level Obtained: 20
  • "Know your place if you're going to attack!"
  • "Are you feeling scared yet?"

Spearman Characteristics

A Spearman specializes in wielding a long spear, enabling her to dodge strikes and attack enemies from a safe distance. Attacking with a long spear requires different battle strategies than fighting with a sword.
Spearmen can use aggressive attack skills, like combo attacks and furious jab-and-throw attacks and can also carry out quick multiple attacks with grace, despite their cumbersome appearance.

Spearman Skills


Thanks to the lengthy Spear, it makes all attacks more ranged.
Spearmen do not "Dash" but "Leap".
Jump Attack can hit at a 180 degree angle below the Spearman.
Spearmen have "Multiple" Blows which strike the target multiple times.
Spearmen aren't very powerful damage-wise in Dungeons on early levels, because they often hit by 5-50 by regular attacks.

Spearman Mission


Regular Skills

Lv.1 Skill - Ground Break
Spearman’s 1st grade attack enables the user to hit an enemy vertically from top to bottom. A single use of Force Strike can inflict great damage despite this skill’s low grade. Its period of invincibility is as short as its activation time, so it can’t be used to dodge enemy skills as well as the Knight’s Mega Slash.
  • As the name implies, it breaks the ground underneath the target, tripping them.
  • However, this attack is easily avoided by jumping.
Lv.2 Skill - Tornado Swing
Spearman’s 2nd grade attack can inflict damage to enemies behind and in front of the spearman. This skill is especially effective if used when surrounded by enemies.
  • More effective if target is in a straight path.
  • Its not easy to avoid this attack once you are in its path. However it can be countered out of. Most opponents caught will die.
Lv.3 Skill - Dragon Slash
Shoot a burning spear straight ahead, piercing through all enemies in the spear’s path. This skill inflicts great damage, even if it merely grazes an enemy, so it is especially effective on maps designed in a straight line.
  • Fires straight forward, and very fast. Not easy to avoid this attack.
  • Any opponent that is on a straight forward type ground with no platform to aid, he/she will take fatal damage.

Cash Skills

Lv.1 Cash Skill - Leap Attack
Stab a target multiple times and sends the target into the air. Additional attack is possible while target is still in the air.
  • This attack is quite widespread since it his at a 180% angle. This attack will launch targets in the air if hit.
  • Its possible that any ally can combine their skill, with Leap Attack, such as Abyss Knight's Tornado Stinger, or Siren's Oracle Power.
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